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Start From the Top: Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency by Improving Your Roof

As an Arizona homeowner, chances are, you run that air conditioner on the regular. If your roof overhead is underperforming, however, you might be watching your hard-earned income make its way out the window. Your roof is a major source of energy loss, and if you have noticed a steady uptick on your electric bill each month, know that your roof may be a root cause.

Nowadays, roofing technology is improving at every turn, and the roofing materials commonly used in the past simply aren’t fitting the bill – they’re increasing it. So, if you, like many homeowners, have grown tired of watching your bills climb each month, you may be able to find relief at a fraction of the cost you’d anticipate. How?

Upgrade your roofing materials

What works best in, say, Chicago, differs broadly from what works best on an Arizona rooftop, so choosing a roofing material specifically intended for your climate can make a serious impact on your annual energy expenditures. Today’s roofing technologies are highly energy efficient, and even if you aren’t trying to build a new roof from scratch, you can still take advantage of advanced technology features that are compatible with your existing, older roofing system. ENERGY STAR-certified products, for example, help reflect the sun’s rays, reducing the amount of heat that makes its way into your home while reducing your energy bills by as much as 15 percent.

New Roof

Consider small improvements that make big differences

Whether you’re starting a new roof from scratch, or simply making some minor changes to an existing one, recognize the power of replacing traditional roofing materials with lighter-colored counterparts. A simple color switch can work wonders when it comes to making a dent in your electric bill. Adding roof insulation, too, is one of the small home improvements you can make that offers a major bang for your buck in terms of return-on-investment. These days, sustainable roofing practices are also commonplace, meaning you can upgrade your roof without worrying about generating unnecessary waste or contributing to a landfill.

While making these improvements to your roof can dramatically reduce your energy bills, utilizing energy-efficient roofing materials can also help extend the life of your roof – meaning fewer repairs and service calls, and more money back in your own pocket.