We believe most roofs are repairable!! Paramount will digitally document and display the status of your project! We educate you to budget appropriately but keep your roof in tip-top shape. Repair warranties are also available for your peace of mind. Paramount takes pride in all our work whether it is for repair or a full re-roof.

Preventative Maintenance

Whether the roof is for a commercial building or a residential home, roofs must be maintained to comply with manufacturer warranties and to eliminate any upcoming problems. Roofs are traditionally overlooked and taken for granted. Though we all have decades of use after investing in a new roof, any roofing system is susceptible to the elements. We offer annual and semi-annual preventative maintenance programs to help you in “not neglecting the roof”. Paramount wants to ensure you receive the full life out of the investment you have made and the security that your roof will perform at its highest standards.


Paramount Roofing offers a cleaning program. As it has been said for preventative maintenance, a roof’s condition is an easy oversight. We want to help take the essential steps to remove any debris that could harm your roofing system. Paramount wants to keep your building safe, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing.