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    Roof Damage

    Repairing Roof Damage Before Problems Worsen

    As an Arizona business or homeowner, you may not have to shovel snow off your roof or deal with the potential for heavy flooding year-round, but there are still some geography-specific hazards you face that can wreak havoc on your roof – and your finances. Monsoon winds and rains,...

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    Monsoon Safety and Preparedness Tips

    According to the National Weather Service, monsoon season is in full swing, with stormy, unpredictable weather patterns making their way through the region annually between about June 15 and Sept. 30. Monsoons, or strong seasonal storms that can develop when wind patterns change, generate when moisture combines with the...

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    Paramount Roof Inspection

    Start From the Top: Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency by Improving Your Roof

    As an Arizona homeowner, chances are, you run that air conditioner on the regular. If your roof overhead is underperforming, however, you might be watching your hard-earned income make its way out the window. Your roof is a major source of energy loss, and if you have noticed a...

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    Superior Roofing Inspection Arizona

    What a Roofing Inspection Includes

    If you are considering buying or selling a house, if you recently experienced a serious storm or if you simply haven’t checked out the condition of your roof in some time, it’s time to enlist a professional to get the job done. Doing so has the potential to help...

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    Know These Things About Roofing Technicians and Companies

    What to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

    Hiring a roofer to work on your home or business is an investment, and it’s also something that requires a certain level of trust. How often, after all, do you actually get up on your own roof and assess the situation? The people you hire to do the job...

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